The sentiment of a veil

048 Olivia and Patrick WED

After perusing the many interesting images related to wedding hair on pinterest and etsy, there is a renewed interest in veils. Birdcage veils provide a simple sense of style, luxury, and a time warp sentiment. The presentation on a bride is stunning, and not for everyone. This beautiful artistic feature, however, offers a renewed breath of romance to the bridal image.

Through the selection of veils, I am noticing women embracing their role as women, and moving past our passing era of simplicity and informality. This simple notion of a veil, is taking us further into the feminine aspects of being a bride, and showing that there is something sacred to be revealed after a ceremony of devotion is put forth. What this reflects in the idea of marriage itself is also very new and quite innovative. We are taking this classic approach to marriage, and gender roles are becoming increasingly popular- particularly after motherhood. Yet we aren’t standing down to the man, we are standing upright and saying, “no” often enough, and they certainly love and respect us for it!

I find it interesting that the women (our mothers and grandmothers) who came before fought hard to liberate the household duties imposed upon every passing generation. Here we find ourselves, not caring about whether we are a stay at home mom, even with an advanced degree. In fact, we are using our knowledge as a powerful tool to educate our own young children, especially since we can’t count on the school systems to take our kids education seriously… they must focus on more pressing issues like safety. That’s another topic….

Back to veils. The longer and more sheer veils are often adorned with jewels of the brides favorite selection. Pearls, lace, embroidered with amazing intricacy, and are usually not covering the face during the ceremony… another interesting feature of this renewed push for traditional effects incorporated in modern weddings. Rustic elegance, pretty much a coined wedding term these days.

So when you are planning your wedding, do you consider a veil, or not? What is your reason for choosing what you did? Please share!


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