Short summer hair

If you are one of those people who hates their hair on their neck, have you ever tried cutting your hair short?

As a female there is some crazy stigma that you must fit a particular profile to have short hair, don’t pay attention to that crap, it is really just judgments placed by others who aren’t brave enough to try it themselves.

I used to notice how women with shorter hair had a different sort of confidence. They don’t grasp on to things the same, there is a unique liberty available to them.

With the summer months approaching, and warmer weather well on it’s way, I would encourage you to consider cutting it short.
Depending on your texture there is one warning to heed, though. If you are used to just pulling it back or up, you won’t have that freedom. There is some level of styling necessary to make it look like you want.

This is the trade-off. You have long hair that takes about 30 minutes to style “pretty”, or 5 minutes if you just pull it out of your way. You cut it short and now it takes 10-15 minutes everyday. Not longer than that, but you can’t get away with doing much less.

So, if time is the issue, completely understandable.

There is also the grow-out. If you just simply hate your hair short, can’t find any style that agrees with you, and you must grow it out… well the road is long. At least a year if not more before your hair meets your shoulders and is luscious again. Be prepared for this.

If you have never cut your hair short, and it is on your mind… I would consider it. You only live once, and it’s just hair right? What a fun way to re-invent yourself!


3 Comments on “Short summer hair”

  1. skywanderer says:

    Every time when I read your blog I wish you were my hairdresser. You are definitely someone who has the highest professional and people skills, you have insights and the capability of attention to all details and all aspects of what you do. And, as your blog is the evidence, you can share all these values. I very much admire all this.

    Also, from the perspective of a client I am sure many can relate to your posts – I definitely can. The topic of short hair is one of those I can associate to many difficult moments from my childhood. Every time I dared to have my hair cut short, I was ridiculed by my mother, who was always “kind” enough to put those words into someone else’s mouth, nevertheless the message was clear: my face was considered too “round-ish”, therefor unfit for a short hair. Since then I have developed a phobia against short hair and a sort of envy for those who have the luxury to afford it, especially during a hot summer.

    Your post however is very encouraging and puts it into a new perspective. I appreciate your honesty that you remind us of the long wait until the hair grows long again. To me that is still something important to consider …

    • Thanks! I encourage my clients to read my blog because then I can save my breath, haha!
      You should check out my blog natureofthisworld.wordpress. I look into yours often and I think you will see the correlations in our thinking. Thanks for stopping by!

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