Wedding season is here!

107 Olivia and Patrick WED

Wedding season is always a fun time of year for hairdressers. We get to experience the joy and excitement of love, and we get the privilege creating another person’s dream. Well, at least their dream hair.
I absolutely love doing hair for weddings.
It is always a day full of sweet memories. I get to observe families and loved ones spend important moments together, laughing, crying, reminiscing on times past. People gather for weddings to celebrate love, friendship, companionship, loyalty, and many more valuable traits marriage brings to life.

I have been very lucky this year to be working with a wedding consultant, Hope Schalck, owner of The Wedding Studio. If you need help with your wedding, believe me, she is your gal. Visit
More to come on Hope and The Wedding Studio once this season calms down a little and I can catch her for an interview.

Visit my “Fancy hair” page to see a few clients I have done. These are mostly my own photos, and I am a terrible photographer. I finally put some photos up after being asked on numerous occasions, and I will get some professional photos up soon.


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