My feet only kind of hurt today

This isn’t me complaining, I promise. I won’t say how much I don’t like it, because that’s not how I feel. I just notice that they hurt. I was busy, not overly so, but now I remember in full how my aching body feels after a long day of physical labor.
During work it’s less noticeable because I’m preoccupied with activity. As I stand here looking at my phone for no good reason out of delirium, it dawns on me… I should write about this.
At the end of the day, your feet will hurt in this profession. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have a dress code and we dress fashionable. This usually means adding height. Especially for a gal like me standing tall at a measly 5’3″, some heel is common. Now work standing and bending in those bad boys for hours.



You never know who will walk-in

Having diverse skills is valuable because you can handle any type of request without fear. Gain experience with as many different types of people and their hair so you don’t disappoint them with inadequacy.

Just last weekend a charming young man waits patiently for an hour, he just happened upon the salon. I noticed him noticing my make client before him as he left and when it was his turn he complimented my work and had confidence that he would be happy with whatever I wanted to do.

He mentioned, “don’t mind the blue glue behind my ears.” Well that’s odd-so of course I took the bait- what is it?
He happens to be one of the traveling performers for Blue Man Group, the show that evening and the next day was nearby. So here I have a well received actor and musician (drummer) in my chair trusting I do anything. He wears a bald cap for work so as long as it’s shorter he had no parameters. Being fairly mild in appearance I chose a much more mainstream haircut, one that the girlfriend back home certainly will approve he beamed. As a performer he has an outgoing nature so I worked a little funky magic in that can either be enhanced with product or ignored for modesty.

I certainly enjoyed meeting Steven, a pleasure to work with on all accounts. I am also grateful for all the training I have so I could adapt to the changing needs of my small towns client base