My feet only kind of hurt today

This isn’t me complaining, I promise. I won’t say how much I don’t like it, because that’s not how I feel. I just notice that they hurt. I was busy, not overly so, but now I remember in full how my aching body feels after a long day of physical labor.
During work it’s less noticeable because I’m preoccupied with activity. As I stand here looking at my phone for no good reason out of delirium, it dawns on me… I should write about this.
At the end of the day, your feet will hurt in this profession. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have a dress code and we dress fashionable. This usually means adding height. Especially for a gal like me standing tall at a measly 5’3″, some heel is common. Now work standing and bending in those bad boys for hours.



2 Comments on “My feet only kind of hurt today”

  1. I feel for you–and your poor, poor feet, and back, and likely your ears, as I think working as a hairdresser has got to be incredibly taxing in that regard as well. It really seems as if you wear many hats in this profession. You are a makeover maven, a therapist, and a tireless employee. I adore my hairdresser and have been going to him for nearly twenty years. I’m devoted because he excels at his work, but also because I see his relentless efforts to make me feel confident as a sign of an exceptional human being.
    I hope someone can give you a well-deserved foot massage!

    • Oh the foot massage, what a treat that is! I have my own pedicure bath and I did take a long, hot bath after my children went to bed just to show my aches I care.
      The ears! Yes! The noisy and unfiltered comments from strangers can be less than helpful sometimes. Although, there are always clients who are also great friends and it is a wonder they are in my world. I’m sure your devotion to your hairdresser has created a mutual respect and friendship over the years. Thanks for commenting on my often neglected blog! I do enjoy reading yours šŸ˜Š

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