Why kids can’t come with me to work

I often think of opening my own salon just so my kids can be there too. After all, what is the problem with children anyway? They are just smaller, younger versions of us. I dream of a mommy hair salon where there is a room dedicated to just the children for playing, and I imagine it being very busy during the day, because quite frankly, mothers can now get their hair done without having to also pay/find a babysitter. That way my kids can be there too. I can work for my family, and also be with my kids.

Over the years I am certain one of my three daughters will be interested in my craft and will learn a lot just by being around it. Maybe I will be benefitting them in the long run.

The problems
1. Health: It is not the best environment for young growing bodies to be exposed to regularly. There are chemicals and debris.
2. Neediness: My children are very young still and often want me to hold them. If I can’t because I am in the middle of applying a highlight- and one of them (or even two) are crying- that is a huge disappointment to them and even worse it is a distraction to me and my client.

The advantages
1. My kids can learn that women can work too and kids aren’t taboo.
2. My kids will learn and see the practice of business skills and ethics that I mostly learned by mentoring the salon owners and colleagues I had from my own young career days. Sorry mom and dad (who probably will never read this because he isn’t a thoughtful parent) but you didn’t teach me much about business when I was young.
3. Convenience for me and other mothers who also tote kids with them everywhere.

I am always spotting little salons that are out of business. I could also quickly move into a small houses that would be easy to convert because the separated rooms are already in place. It is just a matter of getting the upfront funding to open, and marketing for the clientele. Which I have learned is not that difficult if you have done it before and know what works and what doesn’t.

In all honesty, it is a dream, but will probably only ever be a dream because it isn’t worth it for the two problems. If over time we overcome the second, the first will always be a deal-breaker.


Wedding season is here!

107 Olivia and Patrick WED

Wedding season is always a fun time of year for hairdressers. We get to experience the joy and excitement of love, and we get the privilege creating another person’s dream. Well, at least their dream hair.
I absolutely love doing hair for weddings.
It is always a day full of sweet memories. I get to observe families and loved ones spend important moments together, laughing, crying, reminiscing on times past. People gather for weddings to celebrate love, friendship, companionship, loyalty, and many more valuable traits marriage brings to life.

I have been very lucky this year to be working with a wedding consultant, Hope Schalck, owner of The Wedding Studio. If you need help with your wedding, believe me, she is your gal. Visit http://www.theweddingstudiocolorado.com
More to come on Hope and The Wedding Studio once this season calms down a little and I can catch her for an interview.

Visit my “Fancy hair” page to see a few clients I have done. These are mostly my own photos, and I am a terrible photographer. I finally put some photos up after being asked on numerous occasions, and I will get some professional photos up soon.

Public Sharing of Optimism and Positivism

Public Sharing of Optimism and Positivism.